Get Inspired: How to Use Paola Paronetto’s Cartocci in your interiors

Paola Paronetto’s successful Cartocci collection of bottles and bowls is made of elements of great visual impact. Modelled using the paper clay technique (read more here), these evocative ceramic forms take their unique appearance from the texture of cardboard and paper added to the clay mixture.

These ceramic pieces look as fragile as if they were really made from paper, arousing a desire in the observer to touch and manually explore these daring creations.

Highly recognizable even if each individual piece is unique in shape and size, Paola’s pieces are very versatile and easily match with every furniture style.

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Many designers and furniture brands have used pieces from the Cartocci and Cartocci Colore collection in their interiors; have a look and get inspired!

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  Home in Florence by Fred&Juul on DCasa


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Gray Sweet Nuvola catalogue, Gervasoni


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Collezione senza tempo by Minotti


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via Anna De Cillia

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